Ice Dying

I really enjoy making stuff and sharing the wealth when I can. The other day I had a friend over to walk her though tie dying...more accurately ice dying. We had a lot of fun and I think she walked away with a solid understanding of how it is done. At least I hope that... Continue Reading →

Happy Bedding

I can never seem to ever find any bedding that I am a fan of. So seeing that I have all my dyes for tie dye I decided to do some bedding for us. I am pretty happy with how it had turned out, and the kitties seem to approve as well.

Adventures in Pottery

Well I would hardly call myself a mug maker, however I have made a mug. It was my first time working with pour molds and I have to say I am still intrigued with all the possibilities. While making a mug for D I was inspired by Scumugs  . It has a lot of room for... Continue Reading →

Pie & Beer Day

An "Only in Utah" event...Pioneer Day. It is a Mormon holiday that is pretty much bigger than the 4th of July. However the Non-Mormons celebrate with Pie & Beer instead. We don't actually celebrate either of them, however I will never pass up pie! Yesterday I made the old standby of apple...Always a winner. Apple... Continue Reading →

For the Bees

I like to keep our yard free of chemicals and accommodating to the wildlife. Be that birds, bees, grasshoppers, mantises, or by beloved squirrels. This I am sure drives the neighbor crazy...He is "King Roundup" and the "weeds" that he despises, we actually enjoy. Anyhow this year we have quite a crop of makes... Continue Reading →

Downtown Farmer’s Market

Yesterday myself and D headed on over to the Downtown Farmer's Market . We generally don't go, but we try to at least once a year to have some yummy food from the various food venders. First off we had to have some Sudanese food (the main reason why we even went) It was delicious to say... Continue Reading →

Warm and Woolie

The last thing you want to think about in the middle of summer (and a HOT summer at that) is a warm winter blanket. But when I was at the thrift the other day I came across these two Swedish wool blankets and I knew I had to grab them. I couldn't find too much... Continue Reading →

RIP Totoro Weath

A bit ago I had got together to make a nature wreath over tea with a friend. I was pretty pleased how we only used all found materials, and that it morphed into a Tortoro theme. Sadly it with the dry weather it had started to fall apart, then one night with a crash jumped... Continue Reading →

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