Welcome Autumn

Yesterday we headed up Big Cottonwood Canyon. The plan was to walk around the lake...maybe see a beaver working on a lodge. But instead it was full of construction, school busses, oh and TONS of cars too. I mean it was a Wednesday morning...I am beginning to think that nobody works in this state. Being... Continue Reading →

Autumn Aloft

A few weekends back Park City held their annual "Autumn Aloft" We had skipped last year, but figured we would go this year.  Saturday was too smoky because of the wildfires near and was too windy for the balloons anyhow. We figured Sunday would be a better bet anyhow (less people). The skies were clear,... Continue Reading →

Kiln Time

This is the last batch out of the kiln. There are def areas that need work. But like anything there is alot of trial and error. Overall I am rather happy with the outcome...Especially the leaf bowl, I see more of those in my future.

PAX West

Last week were were in Seattle for the PAX West convention. PAX is a gaming convention and being that it was being held in one of our favorite cities, it is a no brainer. This was both D&V's first flight on a plane...and I haven't flown in almost 20 years. Needless to say we were... Continue Reading →

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