PAX West

XCSC4569Last week were were in Seattle for the PAX West convention. PAX is a gaming convention and being that it was being held in one of our favorite cities, it is a no brainer.

This was both D&V’s first flight on a plane…and I haven’t flown in almost 20 years. Needless to say we were all unsure of the TSA procedures and everything that went along with that.

We got though with no issue and now that we know the drill it is easy peasy.


V got the window seat and enjoyed the “birds eye view”


We got in late, but the next day I woke up to this view…beautiful overcast day!


We headed on over to the convention and the boys made their plan of attack while we waited for the floor to open.

Some highlights of the show…But Super Smash Brothers was the main attraction and what V wanted to demo the most.


Since both games were multi-player I stepped in and played with V.

I even surprised him when I won some of them.


D was getting in the spirit with fun photos…I think at this point V was regretting his decision to hang out with us for the day.

After the convention we were more than ready to get some dinner. We had all been fending for some proper fish & chips with chowder.

Thanks to Google maps I found this little relic so we had to go.


Great food! Friendly service! & good ambiance. This is def our new “go to” spot.

After getting back to the hotel both me and D had the same idea… to check out the little skate shop down the street.


Super cool shop. Tiny tiny, but they have everything you want or need.

Def a core shop and we like that.

Then it was back to the hotel for a much needed nap.

We caught a second wind late that night and needed to do something with out time left in Seattle. So we went for some pie and beer at The Pie Bar .


It was delish! What a way to finish up our quick trip to Seattle.

Sadly we had to head home early the next day…until next time!

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