Port Townsend

This weekend we headed on out to Port Townsend.

We were planning on doing the whole Olympic loop, but seeing how we make ALOT of stops while out exploring, we figured best to break it up.


I have to say that the Olympic Peninsula has to be my most favorite places to be…SOOOOO happy to be able to finally call it home.


Just driving though Port Townsend we noticed that their downtown was Victorian era…I had no idea.

The town also had quite an eclectic mix of shops and people that made it cool…not the typical “tourist” stuff.

Driving along we noticed what looked to be abandoned buildings…so we had to stop and check it out.


Turns out it was Battery Kenzie.

Just one of the areas that protected the sound during WWI & WWII.


It was really neat to explore, and crazy to see how thick the walls were, and the size of what the “guns” would have been.

What was even crazier was the fact that you seriously could not even see it from the ocean side…I mean thats the point, but still amazing.

It was a beautiful day and the view from the battery was just as great.


I couldn’t pass up such a quiet rocky beach without walking along it, so we found the path and headed out.



I found alot of interesting stones, and what I believe to be 3-4 agates, so not a bad day for us…Not so good for this little guy. We thought we could save him and get him back in the ocean but he was already gone.


But the Pacific did bring him back to sea where he belonged as the tide came in.

By the time the tide was getting too high we were ready to eat and headed back to the marina where we had some great fish and chips from Sea B’s


I know I keep saying this, and it is no surprise…but we really LOVE port towns.


Overall it was a great day of exploring and recharging!


3 thoughts on “Port Townsend

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  1. Welcome “home”! Liked the pictures and thoughts from Tolmie SP (saw’em in the WP reader for Pacific Northwest tags). And Port Townsend is a great place to explore, isn’t it? Didn’t find any agates at Fort Worden a couple weekends ago but did find a lotta itty-bitty sea glass at low tide.


    1. Nice, I will have to check out Fort Worden at low tide…Always looking for sea glass. I thought I had found an amazing piece at Tolmie the other day but it was a jolly rancher 😦 YUCK!

      Liked by 1 person

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