Lazy Days

Not that we live a fast paced life…actually far from.

However somedays just need to be for nothing but relaxing.

Friday we had gone to Seattle to see Grateful Shred , they are a Dead cover band and are great. If your into that and they are playing near you check them out! You wont be disappointed.

What we weren’t planning on was the drive home…all the closures for construction along the 5 had us on a version of Mr Toads wild ride the long way around Tacoma, and the  military bases…lets just say we were happy to be home that night/morning.

On the bright side of getting home in the wee hours of the morning we got to see resident bunnies playing in our yard, as well as the neighborhood cats holding a safety meeting in our drive…always amusing.

So that deemed that Saturday was for relaxing… it was raining so D couldn’t skate anyhow.

I have to say the kitties were NOT mad about a day of lap napping!

It was almost to the point of wondering…are they just sleepy and being lovey, or am I sick and dying and they are trying to heal me with their purrs??

Am I the only one who thinks this?

Anyhow it was a much needed and enjoyed recharge day!



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