Woodard Bay

We headed out to Woodard bay this weekend.

It was a nice little area.

We had V with us so we only explored out to the point, but we will be back and take some of the other trails they had in the area.

It was really a beautiful day and so peaceful.

I knew that river otters lived in the area…there were even otter crossing signs on the way on., however we didn’t see any on that day.

We did watch the birds dive in for a meal and gather in the trees all while putting on a symphony.

I did get to see a little chipmunk friend on our walk…you know I loved that.

The area is now a nature preserve, however it started out as a logging port where the logs would be brought via train, loaded onto the barges and shipped out.

The track has been removed for the most part, but they have left a section of the track out in the bay for the bats to roost and pup in.


I would love to go back at sunset and see the bats set out for feeding.

The downside of the area was that since it WAS a preserve you couldn’t go out on the beach and explore around.

BUT it was a great to just get away and relax with the sights & sounds of nature.

After being home for a bit I just had to get my feet in the water…So we decided to just go to our old “stand by” of Tolmie beach.


We made a littles friends on both the trails and the shore.

And just enjoyed the rest of the weekend.



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