Tumwater Falls

This weekend we explored Tumwater Falls.

This area intrigued us because of the brewery buildings, but also because we love watching falls.

What is nice is that it is right in the city, so even if you don’t have alot of time, you can still sneak away and get a nature fix.


Right off the bat I saw a salmon jump…D didn’t see it and thought I had made it up, I even began to doubt myself at one point. But I know what I saw.

Some of the trails were off limits due to storm damage, but it was still a great little walk.

Sadly we only got to see a tiny bit of the old brewery from this set of trails, but it was cool to see the modern one…very Mad Men.

The corner offices had a great & coveted view no doubt.

It was neat to learn about the area and how many different businesses were actually along the river there at one time.


We will be no doubt going back to explore some more…esp if it is foggy or raining.


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