Weekend Recap

This weekend I went out skating with D to break in my new skates…


I just love them and are so happy to finally have a pair that don’t hurt me feet.

99% of the time I am shoeless so being in skates HAS to be comfy!

As a kid I lived in skates, then ventured to skateboarding.

Getting old and bad knees makes skateboarding now pretty painful, so I am happy that my skates let me still roll around and have fun, but not put me in pain…Win Win.


Finding little “extras” that I am sure most people don’t pay attention to at the parks puts a smile on my face. This park had all the local volcanos.

Hidden signage like this one behind a gas station/mini mart in Buckley also put a huge smile on my face!


And being us, we take the scenic route anywhere…Main Street Buckley had this gem.

I had to have D circle around so I could get a shot.


After getting home and looking to see when it was built, I found that this building has quite a colorful history including a pretty crazy robbery from the “owners” as well as a wild west style shoot out robbery, etc.

I just love finding out history of places like this!

And along the lines of history…we checked out Tumwater Falls this weekend as well.

(Check out my post for more photos!)


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