Sunday Sunday

This weekend was quite low key.

Lots of time spent just relaxing… a cat nap here and there & of course some exploring.

We first headed out to check out Boston Marina.


It is a small little marina, but a great area…We will be back.

Since there wasn’t much beach combing available (and thats what we were wanting) we decided to head on over to Burfoot Park.

I wasn’t sure what to expect since truthfully we had only seen the sign driving to the marina, however it did not disappoint!

The path to the beach winds though a lush forest full of ferns and pines (my favorite!)


I liked that there were so many different walking surfaces..and so many different wild flowers in the underbrush.


Down side is that there IS poison oak in the area so you just have to keep your eye out…and stay on the trail.

After a short wander the trail opened out to the ocean.



My favorite type of beach….rocky and lined with trees.

It was low tide so there were tons of little crabs and critters about…not to mention the water works from the clams.


I really could have spent soooo much more time there just wandering around looking at the sea treasures on the shore, but the sun was setting and we weren’t sure how long it would take to get back to the car.

D and myself would have waited for sunset, but V was chomping at the bit to get back before the gates closed at dusk.

So I grabbed one last photo and we headed back to the car.


Not a bad way to wrap up the weekend!

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