Long Weekend

For a long weekend, it sure went by fast!

We tried out a new skating rink, hit up a few skateparks, took some naps, hung out, and wrapped it all up at the shore.

Not bad, not bad at all!

After one skatepark we were told to head up the road further…it ended at the glacier. We didn’t get that far (the road was unpaved but it was the potholes that were hellish) So we turned around…maybe some other day.

But we did get to go across a one lane bridge (that was interesting) just outside of Wilkeson.


The kitties enjoyed the long weekend of outside time…Scout could just sit in the grass all day if he was able.


One day they will have a catio and do just that…until then outside time is spent with the harnesses on and humans at the reins.

We wrapped up the long weekend with a trip to Burfoot again.

I was expecting more people, but it was really quiet (not complaining at all!)

We saw lots of critters along the way…one of which was the largest slug I have ever seen in my life. I am sure I will see more out and about but I was in shock at his size.

There were also a few ladybugs on the beach, and alot of jellyfish that had been left on the shore as the tide went out.


What a great way to end the weekend!

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