Here and there…

Last week me and V headed to Portland for “Life is Good” I wasn’t participating since V has since graduated, however he wanted to meet up with his buddies both new and old.

Since it was just a short drive we figured why not.

It was being held at the Heathman Lodge. It was a nice hotel and according to V the “fanciest he has ever stayed in”…we usually camp or Holiday Inn.

I enjoyed the upgrade to a room with a private (quiet) patio to read and watch the local bunnies play as well as their koi pond area.


Before we came home we had to head into Portland and stop by Powells. I have to say as much as we enjoy Portland, we really like the slower and smaller feel Olympia has.

Once home it was time to run errands that didn’t get done while I was away…at a great Vietnamese lunch at Pho Mania. It was delish, I had a great bun bowl and D had some of the best veggie packed pho we have had since Ca.


We still managed to find time to head out to the shore for sunset.


The tide was high, we had never been at high tide so it was like a whole different place for us.

Sadly sunset didn’t glow like we had expected. But always nice to get out and play in the water…and collect rocks!


Being high tide I was checking our areas that I generally pass over and the best part was I found a geode!!!


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