Summer Solstice

We decided to get out in nature for the evening…just to enjoy.

Checked out a couple new spots I had on my list to explore…and as a nice surprise one led right into the other.

Walking along Garfield trail was peaceful….it was later in the day and the birds serenaded us along the way.

I heard some rustling in the underbrush and thought maybe it was a deer or something.

We still don’t know what we saw…maybe a mole? a fisher? a marmot? a skunk? IDK but he was being silly leaves flying in the air.

He was rummaging for something….he looked like a kid in a toy box digging to the bottom, throwing the unwanted to the wind.

We came across a faerie home as well, which we found fitting…seeing that it was Midsummer.


It is the season of the salmonberry…So I had my first taste of one.

I have to say that I was not trilled. It left a dry feel like that of white grapes which I am not a fan of.

I do know that their flavor is inconsistent so I will try them again…different location, different day.


We ended up just enjoying the rest of the day at West Bay Park. Watching the sun fade, the few boats out on the water and a silly river otter that kept teasing us but eventually swam away from the shore.


Overall a wonderful start to summer!

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