Harstine Island

Yesterday we had nothing pending so we took a longer drive out to explore.

So off we headed to Harstine Island…

BUT FIRST Frye Cove, because I am a dork and got the wrong map going.

The drive there was nice…a lot of farms that way. It was a nice little park and trail with a pretty shore full of downed trees.


It was low tide so we did a bit of exploring…


For the most part this shore was far less rocky than most that we have been too…for a moment I thought this was a good thing…until I got sucked knee deep into the mud!


Seriously WHY did I even wear pants to go exploring…live and learn (I really should have known better)

How soon I remember that where we were is “Mud Bay”…I now know why.

Anyhow after cleaning up and bit and drying off we headed onward to our intended location Harstine Island.

This location was beautiful…and again just a handful of people (my favorite!)


Just look at that moss!

I thought any chance for spotting mushrooms was over till fall, but we spotted some.


The trail was filled with all kinds of wild flowers, mosses, and ferns. Not to mention trees…some of them were huge!

Look…A tree inside of a tree.


And the shore was rocky!

This one had some of the biggest that I have seen around.

So we explored for quite a while.

We even saw some whale activity. There was splashing around and some blowhole action.

We never actually “saw” the whale, but it was exciting none the less!


While walking back to the trail we noticed an area that wasn’t rocky or sandy….it was a HUGE rock….who knows how far down or out it went, but it made some interesting little tide tools.

Thats when I noticed that the cliff was a giant rock as well.


As we were on the trail back to the car I heard a little scuttle in the bushes and spotted this little guy.


He was playing coy, until mom called for him and he scampered off.

Throughout the drive we had seen a few deer having snacks in the bush, but this guy on the way home just was in the middle of the road…then couldn’t figure out what side he wanted to be on etc…we just let him figure it out…while we gawked at him.


Overall another great day out exploring…even with the whole mud incident.

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