This & That

The past few weeks we have just been hanging out…enjoying…living life.

Going here and there but not necessarily taking photos and it hasn’t been anything that needs a dedicated blog post.

So now I bring you all my randomness (you can also keep up to date on said “randomness” via my Instagram if you wish)

First up is my most exciting find at the shore…..a geode!


Second is this graffiti in the town of Rainier. I fully agree!


The kitties just love the backyard and beg to go out daily…AKA sing the song of their people till they get harnessed up and we bring them out.

Sometimes I wonder if I have dogs masquerading as kitties with these guys.



We finally went to a farmers market. Spur of the moment as we were driving back from the skate park.

The Tacoma Proctor market to be exact.

Saw these amazing mushrooms from Adam’s Mushrooms & bought some amazing huckleberry jam from them! I seriously LOVE anything huckleberry! But these mushrooms…….so pretty (yea I am a sucker for mushrooms as well)


And while D was skating at Kandel park, I had to admire the community garden they have there.

From what we have seen it is highly Eastern Europeans who tend to it,  and OMG they have seriously green thumbs! I could only hope for a garden this amazing one day.


Spending time at the shore…of course!


D making a new friend while I play in the water, looking for rock treasures.


And this happy little bunch that popped into the driveway crack and brightened my day.


So thats it….a whole lot of nothing in particular…but things that brought joy none the less.

Isn’t that what it is about at the end of the day anyhow?

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