Good Bye July

I know it isn’t officially August yet, however I am more than ready to move on.

Overall we didn’t do much in July…atleast nothing that was photo worthy I guess.

I think it is the fact that for the most part it isn’t our favorite season…we like the cool and rainy.

But that doesn’t mean that we have just been sitting at home either.

The 4th here was quite interesting…a few hours of Disney grade fireworks lighting up the skies above out house…a few hours too much if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong…I enjoy watching them, however when it is raining shrapnel on your yard and house I tend to get a bit stressed.

Luckily there were no fires!

Unfortunately fireworks were going on for a few weeks after the event…I think that people have finally ran out!

The next day we headed out to skate…all the parks were just littered with fireworks.

We found one in Kent that wasn’t too bad so after cleaning (yea its the old dudes that pick up all your trash at the skateparks) there was skating going on.


The squirrels have finally figured out we have goodies for them. It took a while but we have 2 different ones I can tell.


They still haven’t toughed the corn…but I mean who wants corn when there are peanuts to be had?

We also have a blue jay who comes in for a peanut now and then, as well as the crows.

The crows really arn’t agile enough to get onto the wreath and grab a nut so D had to make them a little shelf for their peanuts.

Mama kitty and her babies (not so much babies anymore) have been visiting for a few days here and there. It is always a nice when they visit.

There have also been a family of raccoons as well as a little possum that come troll the yard now and then as well.

I guess you can say we have quite the menagerie going on over here. It makes me quite happy since I was afraid that we wouldn’t have any wild critters since it was a tract…I was pleasantly surprised.

Meanwhile S & O have just been lounging when not patrolling the scene from the windows.


They are not fans of the warmer weather either.

Luckily we get overcast and cool days here and there that let us all recharge.



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