South Sound

For the most part this past weekend was very low key. Nothing to do, nowhere to go.

So we decided to keep it close to home and just explore some areas that we had seen but never been.

The plan was to scout out the path around Capitol Lake to see if it was something that was skateable.

Once we parked our curiosity had something else in mind for us.

There were a set of tracks and then a bridge that I had never seen from the road, so we had to check it out.


From there I spotted some type of monument/memorial/sign? I wasn’t sure so I scurried up the hillside to it.

Still not sure what it once was, but it had something to do with the capitol buildings since there same details were on there as well.

Anyhow the paths were lined with rosehips and blackberries….ahhhhh the blackberries.

After eating our way through the trail we ended up on Capitol Hill.

Where we decided to explore around since we have never been.


There was once a conservatory, but it was now empty and closed…they did however have a dahlia garden that was quiet pretty.


And bunnies…tons of bunnies!

I could have just checked out the details on the buildings for hours…the light fixtures and the doors were just amazing.


The next evening we headed out to the newly re-opened boardwalk.

It was nice to just hang out at the marina for the evening.

There were lots of sitting areas, as well as cute points of interest around.


Bunnies in waistcoats??? Yes please!

As well as cute little reminders. For some reason I always have to take photos of these wherever we go.

Maybe one day I will compile a book.


But mostly we just sat on the public dock while D got some photos, scouted for otters and watched the boaters come in for the night.


Just another day that makes me so happy that we can finally call Washington home.

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