Calm After the Storm

Friday night was spent with the lights off, windows open enjoying an amazing light show from Mother Nature.

There were several strikes that was super close and some even shook the whole house.

And the rain…the POURING rain! We really were loving it Friday.

By Saturday it had cleared up, yet it was still to wet to skate.

We figured it was a perfect day to finally check out our local farmers market.

And have some chowder from the fish market…YUM!


The marina was quite peaceful, especially for being a Saturday afternoon.


Sunday proved to be dry enough for skating (park & rink) As well as another mellow weekend day.

After dinner we headed back to the marina once more just to sit on the dock and enjoy the last of the weekend.

There was some choir group performing at the stage but really no one was on the docks.

We had the whole end to ourselves…unless you count the seals!

Yes we saw seals…Some even got close enough to say “hi” and a rusty ol pelican as well.

The tide was on the way out, but the water was SOOOO calm…reflections everywhere.


You could look right down into the water and see the schools of different fish hanging out too.

We finally figured we would call it a night and head on home…but not before one last shot.



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