Port Orchard

This weekend we headed on over to Port Orchard for D to ride a new skatepark.

According to him it was a fun park and he will def be heading back.

Good news for me too! since I can explore the local woods (ok its a regional park…but when you are off trail and deep within and all you can hear are the animals…its the woods)

The plan was for me to work on my beanie pattern and finally use the alpaca wool I have been hoarding (without help from my furry little friends at home) But once I cast on I realized that my needles were NOT the right size, so instead I set out to explore.

The day was nice and cool and the berries were abundant. So guess what I had for breakfast…blackberries!

Seriously one of the things I most love about living up here…I can have berries for free, fresh off the vine almost anywhere I go!

It really amazes me at how many people just walk right by and don’t even think to grab a few. They have all been SO delicious!

I came across more mushrooms than I expected as well. I am really looking forward to exploring in the fall and really see what the PNW has to offer in that department!


There were an abundant amount of rosehips as well as holly…perfect shiny holly!

And moss! can’t forget the moss…some people love the feel of silk or that for me it i moss…plush moss!

I also made quite a few squirrel friends along the way. One even ran beside me (I wanted to squeal, but I contained my joy)

They were chatting with each other all morning back and forth.  I came across many broken peanut shells and some stashes of theirs as well.

I figured they must had been scouring the ball fields, but to my surprise there was an older couple feeding them peanuts…it was their weekend “thing”. I love meeting other like minded folks…and note to self…bring peanuts next time D wants to skate Port Orchard!


The day was rounded out with some exploring and some great pizza…what more could you want from a Saturday?

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