PAX West 2019

Last weekend we headed on over to PAX West.

This was our first year that we have lived local and that it wasn’t a “destination”.

I have to say it was nice not having that stress, it was a casual day.

Borderlands 3 was the big game there this year…


I always like getting photos of characters throughout the convention…but there were tons I never got…it is easy to be distracted there.



There are always interesting things to see…I told V that this guy looked like some creeper with a wardrobe of skin in his basement, little did I know the game is about something like that…yea no thanks.


Then this game had coffins you lay in to demo….Everyone was loving it, but yea I have to draw the germ line there…again NO THANKS!


After we had seen everything (V decided that waiting in a 3+ hr line to demo games that would be out in a couple weeks wasn’t a good use of his time) we checked out some games for the free play consoles.

Fighting games are always good for family fun!


We rounded out the day with a trip to the Japanese bookstore, a boba and then home for a greek dinner.

Overall another great day and a fun filled PAX West.

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