Oly Harbor Days

The past weekend D and myself road the bus on over to the marina to check out Oly Days.

We had never been and quite frankly we are not “festival” kinda people,  we knew PAX was the following day so we were wondering if we should even go BUT we were really glad that we headed on over to check it out.

First off the crowd was great…if you want to call it a crowd.

There were plenty of people to keep it interesting, but a lot of room to breath at the same time.

Secondly….TUG BOATS!

I have to say I just really love tug boats! They just have so much character.


It was so much fun to check them all out.

And the engines……OMG the engines! I think most of the guys I was talking to were shocked by my interest in the engines…but I was sooo intrigued!

By the time we finished touring the boats we were famished! (we were hungry before but then got easily sidetracked by the boats)

There were food vendors (but it was just fried foods really), craft booths (I got a great mug from HOJO Pottery), community booths, sand sculptures and boat building as well.

There were also two historical boats at the marina, but they had taken sail by the time we got over to that dock.

There was a super neat wood boat there though….I am a sucker for wood boats.

We ended up just having lunch at the farmers market before we headed on back home via the bus.

I have to say I wasn’t sure about the bus…it took a big chunk of time compared to driving.


It was cheeper to get two day passes then it would have been to pay for parking…let alone finding parking, and we got to just take in the city that we normally don’t pay attention to because we are busy driving.

So if you have the change take transit now and then….you will see stuff you never knew existed.




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