Mushroom Hunt

The other D and myself headed on out ofter the rain to see what we could find along the trail.

It had been a bit since we had explored Burfoot Park and we were curious what the autumn weather would bring.

There were soooo many mushrooms along the trail, many I have never seen before.


I have tried to go though my books and identify some, but there are sooo many variables.

If anyone can identify or would like to help out that would be great…please comment.

This one has me super boggled…


The slugs were out enjoying the weather as well…so I made some friends.

We spent some time down by the shore as well…I always love the “calm after the storm”

The tide was coming so we figured we best head back…little did we know we would already be cut off and had to take another way back to the trails…opps!

Once on the trails the sun was hitting just right and we spotted tons of spider webs within the trees.


And I got tricked…walking along I thought I saw a little red top of a mushroom up in a tree nook…nope it was just a painted rock that someone had placed.


There were alot of “gems” hiding in the forest…thats always fun.

And of course more mushrooms along the way back.


It was my first time seeing these little birds nest mushrooms as well. They were super interesting.


Overall it was a great day out, and as far as I am concerned a successful mushroom hunt.

I can’t wait to go out again and see what we will find…next time maybe with some pants that have waterproof knees lol.

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