Mushroom Madness

Another autumn weekend and another mushroom hunt in the books.

We decided to head to Woodard Bay, but this time took the newt trail.

Sadly we didn’t see any newts, but we did spot TONS of mushrooms.


What I believe to be a jellyfish that came in with the tide…

And more mushrooms.

We also spotted a deer, chipmunk, squirrels, HEARD the seals chatting on the docks, and saw an owl moving from tree to tree evading some crows that were pestering him.

Not great photos of him, but that is what a phone camera gets you…

Of course there were more mushrooms as well…

I was surprised to see how many insects I got in my shots too, without even trying.

Usually I am on my hands and knees getting dirty for the shot. D obviously has a better approach.


There were just soooo many mushrooms along the trail at some point I had to be a bit more selective with my photos.

I almost forgot that we met a slug friend along the trail as well.


This guy was just breaking ground…I just love seeing the life cycles of mushrooms.


And I will leave with my fave shot of the day…well to be honest it is the toss up between this…


OR the feature photo of this post…what one do you like best?

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