Watershed Park

Yesterday we had nothing going on, so what better way to spend some time than checking out a new trail.

Watershed park is a great place to go get lost in nature…in the middle of the city.


Sure at one point we heard a mower, and at one part of the park you can hear the faint sound of the freeway. But you are in a whole other world for the most part.

It is classified as a rainforest, and there are a bunch of little streams across the whole area in addition to the main creek so you always have the sound of moving water.

This will be a great place to come on a foggy day or in the spring.

Awww the textures……


BEST feel on earth (besides furry kitty bellies)

This trail even has a throne for the “Mushroom Queen”


We really didn’t expect to see many mushrooms on this trip since we hadn’t had a proper “rain” and then the two days of below freezing temps, however we were pleasantly surprised.

There were different mushrooms than we have seen at out other locations, so that is always fun.

This one was super interesting…drippy!


More mushrooms…

There were also a lot of fuzzy caterpillars along the trail posing for photos.


And we made lots of slug friends….omg the slugs are just so amazing to me…does that make me weird?


We even saw this young squirrel who wasn’t even bothered by us.


And I am going to go ahead and count this as my first “fairie ring” encounter…even if it is on the end of a log.


Overall a great trail and explore…even if we spend 3 hours on a trail that is just short of 1.5 miles (for ref a mile generally takes a person 20 minutes…so we SHOULD have been done in 30 min) But then you would miss everything the forest has to offer!



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