Made it Monday – Halloween

So I have decided to try a little something new on here…

One because as I go thought my day I look around and see all the items that I have made around the house and figured I could share them since you might like to see them too.

And also it will break up my posts about nature walks and mushroom hunts.

So I am going to try for every Monday and we will see how it goes…

First up is a Halloween group…Nothing special, but fun none the less.

I had done this painting quite a few years back (hence the scrapes and wear) But Seeing that it is Halloween decor I figured it just added.


This started off with me covering old canvases with black, then I decided to just freeform a shape with pieces of painters tape…it ended up being a cat (go figure) after it was just me playing around with some Montana spray.

When everything was dry I peeled the tape and freehanded the skeleton inside with acrylic. It is hard for me to just freehand (I am usually really anal and want perfection) but when I let go it seems that things work out for the best…life lesson?

The next painting I did on a hexagon canvas I had found…I thought it was an interesting shape, however I never found anything that worked on it…until I saw a vintage Halloween design and went with it.


For this I just drew it out and transferred it with carbon and painted with acrylic…I actually think I used craft paint here which is why the coverage isn’t great, but I used what I had around at the time.

My last item is a wood carving I did.


I had big plans for this guy…but it just didn’t go how I had planned.

It now had kitty teeth marks added to it, since O carries it around the house, but that just adds I guess.

Wood carving was really fun and I did enjoy it, however it was just too much for my hands and pain outweighed the enjoyment.

Well here you have it…the first installment of “Made it Monday” Hope you enjoyed it!

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