To the Coast…

We had been wanting to head out to the coast for a while, but didn’t really want to deal with summer crowds (is there summer beach crowds in Washington? IDK…)

So with the rainy weekend and a full tank of gas we decided to head on out to Westport and soak in the off season.


We thought we were fully prepared to explore in the rain…what we did not plan on was the driving rain and wind (duh….) so the back of our legs got drenched and cut our exploring time down.

It didn’t nix exploring, but it did hamper it some (next purchase will be waterproof pants)



I could have just been there all day and watched the waves and listen to the wind.


There were a few surfers out, but not many.

We finally called it and decided that we would just have a driving exploration instead for the rest of the time.

We drove around some small towns and took in the sights.


I just love little places like this…I bet they had some cool stuff in there.



I have to say for as much as we love being out and a out I think we were both happy to be home and dry…and lesson learned!

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