MIM – Sit Pad

Hi there, another Monday…another project.

This week I worked on making a sit pad for both D and myself.

Not only is it nice to have something to kneel or sit on while you are out on an adventure, but I was also needing something to sit on while at the skate park with D since colder temps were leading to a frozen bum.

Getting the project cut and prepped is always the hardest…especially when you have some furry “helpers”

Meet my project manager O.


I thought I had got a shot of all my layers but I guess not.

I had used some plaid that I thrifted as well as some cotton batting and a heavy duty emergency blanket from REI that I had just cut down to size for some self heating.

Pretty straight forward…Cotton, batting, self heating blanket (shiny side facing the fabric you want to sit on) & topper.

I quilted these together along some of the blue just to keep it in place.

Of course while I was sewing things shifted and what was going to be a quick fold over finishing now had to be turned into making a binging tape and doing a full fledge  quilt binding.

Just more practice right???

Anyhow once that was all done I pined it all and started to hand stitch the binding.



Is it weird that I actually enjoy hand stitching the binding down? I guess I feel like I can better ease everything in that way.

Here is the finished project…not perfect but I am happy with not only how it turned out, but how it worked this weekend…cozy bum!

Even O approved…and had to give it a go.



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