Priests Point

The other day we headed out to Priests Point.


We had been one before, but it was on the day use/picnic side.

D had since saw there was another entry and let me say this was MUCH better.

We really weren’t expecting many mushrooms since it had been a bit dry and we have been having overnight lows in the 20s but boy were we surprised!





The trails themselfs were great….I think we traveled every one of them and I even got to visit the shore (I wasn’t sure we could on this side)



The shore was full of fallen trees and the tide comes all the way up to the cliffs.

The result is just beautiful…


Bright sunny skies gave off lots of sunbeams (my fave) so while some shots just got too blown out by the sun for my liking I did enjoy the happy little sunbeam.


And of course the mushrooms…I am still amazed at how many different guys we see each time we are out and about.






At one point the trail led to the estuary…I was hoping to see some river otters at play (but I didn’t)

The water was so glassy…


At one point we saw the biggest maple leaf that we had ever seen…


And more mushrooms!


Another successful wander!

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