Mushroom Hunt – Port Orchard

D wanted to go back to the Port Orchard skate park…and well I knew there were squirrels and maybe mushrooms so I jumped on board.

I loaded my pockets full of peanuts (best way to make friends) and headed out.

As soon as I got on the trail I saw a batch of amanitas…I was super excited & super sad…they had all be trampled.

It did give me hope though for the day.

As I kept walking I realized hat the “trails” I had taken earlier in the year were now nowhere to be seen.

Since this is technically a city park they maintain it….and by maintain I mean hop stuff down and just leave it…So there was a lot of just making my own paths just get get out of the populated gravel paths.

In the process I did find quite a few mushrooms…



And like I had said I came with pockets full of peanuts for a reason.

Last time there was a couple placing them out for the critters…So I tied it for myself.

One guy was very cautious and did a whole song and dance trying to distract my attention.

I was very still and he was just about to go in for me to get the shot but a loud couple and their dog came barreling down the trail…there went that.

At another location I found a more accommodating squirrel. He would come take the nut then go over to a stump to eat, then come back for another…After each nut he would make two little squeaks that sounded like a “thank you”


As nice as my morning explore was I still hadn’t found any other amanitas so I was a big bummed.

However as we were driving out of the lot I had D pull over…..


Just one little solitary guy was there bidding me farewell and rounding off my day quite nicely.

I would say this one was about 5-6 inches in diameter.


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