Mt Rainier NP

This weekend we decided to head up to My Rainer to get a lay of the land before the snow came.

It was a beautiful day and the sights were amazing as well.

I figured that there wouldn’t be many mushrooms because of the temps and I was right…but there were a few.

Sadly the skies were plaid as the day went on…but I did manage to get this shot of Mt Rainier that I was pleased with.


We could only go up so far since they already closed a lot of the smaller thru roads. However we got a good feel of the park (the south west portion at least)

I enjoyed the old buildings that were there as well. It made me feel like I was back in time.

And the waterfalls….photos just don’t do them justice…


What we did notice is how fast everyone was ripping through the park…not only driving, but at the look outs.

Just a hot second to take a random shot then off to the next. At one spot in the time that we were there, 15 or so cars had all come and went in the same time.

Your at a National Park, take time to enjoy and notice the details that you snapshot will never pick up.

That being said, it was amazing to see the color variation in the glaciers as well as how the water was falling off the rocks at the falls etc…

Overall it was a great day and now we know where we want to go back and spend more time and hit the trails.

On the way home there is a church that has a “scenic viewing area” of Rainier so we stopped.

There was some haze this late in the day, however it was still beautiful.


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