Mushroom Hunt – Tolmie

This past weekend was D’s birthday so we spent the morning at Tolmie.

We hadn’t been for a while, so it was nice to be back.

It was quiet, drizzling, dank and perfect for a wander.


There were quiet a lot of slugs on the trail so I just had to stop and watch them all. They just amaze me so much.



There were not too many mushrooms visible…there was tons of leaf litter so I am sure there were many hiding underneath.

The ones we did see though were amazing as always…





It was high tide so there wasn’t too much beach combing, however I did head on out to the little sandbar and looked around.

I thought it was interesting to see a mushroom alongside seaweed…obviously brought out by someone…but interesting all the same.


I had never noticed that this tree had a rope to swing on…


On the way back I saw the biggest owl pellet I have ever seen.


I really wanted to bring it home and take it apart like I had done so many times before…however I know that V would prob not be interested in that anymore…and the fact that it looked fresh (or maybe it was from the rain) kinda detoured me from tossing it in my pocket.

I just might have to carry a container with me from now on incase I stumble upon another find one day.

While at the end of the trail I head a screech and was hoping it to be an owl…however it was an eagle.

He was huge, and ever so graceful as he swooped down to the water and effortlessly grabbed a fish to carry off.

It truly was amazing to see him in action…we could watch that kind of stuff all day.

I enjoyed seeing how the leaves were already decomposing….making way for new life in the forest….the wheel of life is amazing to witness.


By the time we were off the trail the tide was on its way out so we walked along the other shore and saw a pretty rainbow shell.


After  checking out some rocks we decided to head on back…since we still had long day of birthday lunch, rollerskating & pizza to round out the day.

Overall I think D had a pretty nice day…I know I did!


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