Evergreen Campus

The other day we decided to check out the trails on the Evergreen College campus.

Let me tell you this is an amazing campus.

I wish I would have known about it 30 years ago…

Anyhow you don’t need a permit or to pay for parking in the weekends so we took advantage.

There were some people scattered here and there during our time, but for the most part it was very peaceful.

You can tell the temps have just been too chilly for the mushrooms…there were some, but not many.


And someone previously had laid out a little collection of their finds to share.


The real showstoppers of this park are the trees. So many are in weird twisted shapes, and all were covered in a nice mossy pelts.

This was the “stumper” of the day…….just how did it get shaped this way?


If anyone knows…please share!

My theory is a large tree fell and the branches of this guy grew up around it, and in the meantime the fallen tree has since rotted away back to the earth.

There were tons of trees with exposed roots that were once in a stump like this guy…..just decomposing back to the soil.


In my book a winner trail always leads to the shore…and this one did just that.


A beautiful view!

Overall it was a fun place to explore and cant wait to head back and check it out some more.

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