MIM – Gnome Advent Calendar

Hi there! Another Monday…Another project.

For years I had been looking for just the perfect advent calendar…I never found it.

So I made it!

First off I don’t like just random trinkets just for the sake of having a trinket so I tend to go the consumables route…

I am also not a fan of the store bought advents because they are always covered with “Santas” and besides the candies that are inside are well…lets just say they arn’t the highest quality.

Not to mention V is a chocolate snob (I have no idea where he got that from…) So his chocolate has to be dark…like really dark, but good dark.

Ok you get the picture.

For a while I was looking for a nice wood “house” with closing doors that I could use from year to year and decorate on my own, however those always had too small of doors or just way too large…what can I say I tend to be a little picky.

So I finally made my own.


It didn’t take too long to make, and I am happy with how it all turned out.

It is all hand appliquéd with patterns that I made of some of my favorite things….Gnomes, Squirrels, Mushrooms, and Hedgies.

I like the textures that I was able to find with just thrifting fabrics…


The hedgie tweed was the one I was most particular with…I ended up finding a Harris tweed coat at the thrift for a couple bucks.

I felt so bad about cutting into it, however I just dismantled the coat and will be able to use it for other projects too.

I made a little wool tree to move day to day as well.

Sure there are things that I would fix or do differently, however overall I am really happy with it.

The best part is after the holidays I just roll it up and it take minimal space in the storage bin.

When making it I had in my mind a removable sun that I could use for Solstice.

It took a year of keeping my eye out, but I really think this is the PERFECT sun for it.


This year it is being filled with a couple surprises as well as dark chocolate peanut butter cups….yum!

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