Schilter Family Farm

Uhhhh Black Friday…We don’t do Black Friday and typically we don’t head out…there is no need. If I had needed something I would have had it already, and I am not buying for the act of buying.

Anyhow that being said, this year we had to head out…it was market day.

Lucky the markets were not having door busters, and everyone was still riding high from their previous day of feasting so it was empty.

We DID however head on over to Schilter Farm to get our tree.

I wanted to steer clear of the busy weekend and the whole “visit with Santa” crowd (wow that makes me sound like such an grumpy old lady….I promise I am not…well I guess I am old…but not grumpy)

We are just not fans of crowds.


We had never been, but it was local and we could cut our own so it would be FRESH!

Little did we know that there were animals to pet and visit with.


This little face…..

And if you know us we have to say “hi” to everyone.

Then we headed on out to pick our tree. There were so many great little trees it was hard to choose.

But we found a perfect Douglas Fir.


While V was interesting in going to pick out the tree, he had no interest in cutting it down. So D cut down the tree…while I was tried to get a few photos.

I am just still so shocked that the prices were so good for a fresh cut tree. Espeshaly compared to the ones shipped in, at Home Deopt.

That night we got it all decorated…we like to keep it simple (with lots of lights)


I am hoping that it will last well into January for us to enjoy!


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