Almost Winter in the Watershed

Yesterday we headed on out to Watershed Park.


We really enjoy this little spot for a quick get away.

With the days getting to be so short, you really need to get out and make the most of the daylight.

This photo was from the other day…it was 3pm but felt much later.


Being on a short trail, closer to home is also a must in the short days when you dawdle as much as we do.


That being said, it was a nice wander, and we even saw some mushrooms.

I seriously was NOT expecting any, but the temps have been pretty mild as of late so I guess it wasn’t too surprising.



We even made friends with a few slugs along the way…this little guy was too cute…mushroom munching.

The greens were just amazing…photos just cant even capture it (esp with a phone camera) But I tried my best.

I just love the hairs on this guy…


These guys were soooo interesting. The felt like a sea creature…something like a ray to be exact.

I love seeing decomposing wood…it is just fascinating…especially if there are micro mushrooms involved.

I think this was my favorite shot of the day though…I love the light on the moss.


Overall another great day in the outdoors!

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