MIM – Nature Gnome

Hello! Another Monday…Another project.

This week I am sharing my little nature gnome that I had made.

We will call this little guy Radagast…because, well isn’t that obvious?

I had made my first gnome a few years back and have since been tweaking and adjusting how I make them over the years.

One only really needs a gnome or two so I enjoy making them as gifts for other fellow gnome lovers I know.

So far this little guy is my favorite.


His base is made from the same Harris Tweed as the hedgie on the advent calendar I made, and his hat is made from the most perfect color (in my opinion) thick wool felt.

When making him I had envisioned baby pinecones and a feather or two in his hat, but could never find what I was looking for while out and about.

Till the other day I noticed bunches of tiny pinecones while exploring, so I brought some home.

I still had yet to find the right size, shape, color feathers out and about….but one day.

In the meantime I am just using some feathers from Micheal’s.

I think he looks smart with his hat flair….


I have to rethink how I store him…I made sure his hat flaps would head up but they ended up being more bent…..I might have to make a little “roller” so that next year he has a better shape going on.

I also have to think about a stand for him…as of now he is on a candle jar so he can see (or rather so I can see him) over the pinecones. But it feels off to me….I think he needs a stump to sit on…that would make it feel right…something to keep my eye open for while I am out and about.



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