Another Side of Tolmie

To kick winter off we headed out for a wander…

We had nothing planed for the day so we took advantage.

We have been to Tolmie TONS of times before, however we always do the beach trail or hang out on the shore. There are other more inland trails but the signs say to allow atleast an hour…for us that means atleast 3 hours.

So Sunday was the day…explore the rest of Tolmie.

Let me tell you we were NOT disappointed… was a great trail (we did the long loop) Not too much incline, there were boardwalks, tree obstacles and ALOT of mushrooms for being this late in the season!

This guys colors were so defined and vibrant.



D practicing macro…

This guy was super interesting…it looked like a blob of gelatin…or snot…take your pick.


This stump was just amazing….and the tiny tiny mushroom in there just added.


As always we made several slug friends along the way…


There were parts of the trail that had become a stream with all the rain that we got over the past few days, as well as ALOT of mud we made our way though.

I have to say as much as I love my Hokas I think it might be time to upgrade to a proper pair of wellies…especially before the Spring.

Personally I would love to just go barefoot…but it is just too chilly for that.

I just loved the guy I spotted out of the corner of my eye…just so transparent…and his little buddy in the back photobombing just makes it even better.


I have to say my favorite mushroom of the day has to be this guy…


I just love the ragged and ruffled edges…it reminds me of a lace parasol.

After we finished the trail we had to head down to the shore…partly because I cant go and NOT see the shore, but also because we really needed to clean the mud off of us…win win.


I just love the views after the storms roll out!

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