Solstice Advent 2019

Years ago we had made a Yule Log.

Well I spotted the log, D made the holes, and our kitchen table got some new “patina”

But I could never figure out how I wanted to use it aside from just lighting the candles for decor.

I am fully aware of how traditional advent works however that just doesn’t work for our household.

So I have decided that we would use it for the 3 weeks leading up to Solstice…Solstice being the 4th.

November 30th was the first candle and was to be our first activity, however I couldn’t wait to decorate the tree and did it on Friday, and well to be honest I wasn’t feeling well come Saturday to “make” anything…

Instead we just enjoyed the glow of the candle and each other instead.


For the 2nd day of advent we headed on over to the Olympia Waldorf’s Winter festival.

It was the first time I had been to their grounds and OMG they were amazing.


Their Solstice spiral just made me happy…


It made me think back to when V was small.

That night I had planned on with baking cookies or making window stars with the guys…however life happens.

In this case it was two fuzzy babies that snuggled down on my lap…and you know the rules “never wake a sleeping kitty”


So we lit another candle on the yule log and just enjoyed our snuggle time.


For the 3rd night of our advent we decided to head downtown for a bite and to check out the holiday window displays. (you can read more here )

On the way home we stopped by Oly Lights It was really pretty.


Then came home to enjoy our 3rd candle being lit.


For Solstice we lit our last candle on the log and just relaxed with some fresh chocolate chip cookies.

We had quite a bit of rain leading up to solstice so I wasn’t sure if I could even have a fire pit that night…but I was remaining optimistic.

It was just a leisurely day D made us coffees, we had a little nap, read some, and went to pick up a “new to me” kitchen table (that needs to be refinished, but perfect aside from that)

The rain had let up and I was being hopeful, but after dinner it had picked up again…I guess it just wasn’t in the cards.

So we just lit our last candle and enjoyed the longest night of the year.


This year I only got around to make one sun/star but one is better than none…


And that wraps up our advent to Solstice…I had grand plans of what I wanted to do each week…most of which we didn’t end up doing.

We did however take time to just slow down and enjoy the darkness, each other, and the glow of the yule log…and isn’t that what it is really all about?

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