Cats and Christmas

You see photos and memes all over about naughty kitties at Christmas time, with deco etc.

I have to say that this year our two little guys were quite well behaved.

Maybe it is because I know their weaknesses now, and what is just too tempting for them.

So this was our holiday this year…

Each year I tend to put out less and less, but all the same the house still feels festive.


We like our tree full of lights and just a few special ornaments…up higher than little paws can reach…well Orion found that he could ring my bell..but it never got pulled off the tree so I am happy with that.

We also love full trees… and guess what? Kitties can’t get their bodies un a dense tree to climb up!

They did enjoy sleeping under the tree and playing hide and seek once the gifts were under…but nothing was bothered (well aside from that one pesky package that was in “Scouts spot” under the tree) but once there was a spot for Scout again all was right with the world.


Last year I had learned my lesson having my smokers on the mantel where Orion liked to troll.

This year we were in a new place and while this house in general is weird for decorating, it did work out well for a nice safe spot for the yule log and smokers and gnome.

Apparently the wood on the smokers is just too good to not nibble on (uggg my pore guy last year) and my gnome is all wool…and IDK about your cats but mine (especially Orion) go bonkers for anything wool.

So really this spot worked out great as a central point for my deco.


Orion of course felt like he needed to be part of the advent calendar…but really after he scoped it out he left it alone.


And what better way to be rewarded for being good kitties all month???


It was great fun watching them tear into the wrapping for their news toys and going crazy (catnip was involved)


Of course at the end of the day, while getting ready for bed I hear commotion and crumples at the window…Orion decided (after a full month of letting it be) that tonight was the night the Waldorf star was going to be attacked.

On a bright note he DID wait till after Solstice & Christmas…cant win them all.

So YES it is possible to have holiday deco with crazy kitties in the house!

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