Nothing and Everything

Like the header says…..

December was full of both….compared to most our December is very uneventful, however it was much enjoyed all the same.

As always lots of exploring, hanging out, and watching kitty shenanigans.

The first shot was of Orion having to get inside the rag basket…why? because I brought home a piece of fabric from the thrift store that he never got to properly investigate, root around on, and approve of.

He saw, sniffed, and approved…

Then there was Scout and the eggie box.

With the last batch of eggs I picked up I was given some duck eggs to try as well, so obviously there was more to carry, hence why I took the box along with them.

For the past two weeks it has now been the new cat bed/hot bed of action for these two…lots of great smells I am guessing.

Cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, life, etc…good stuff there!


It is only a matter of time before it is torn apart…until then I have a cottage cheese box in my living room…live it up guys!

I spent the first part of the month working on holiday cards…I had the idea in my head and drew it up quickly…but hand coloring each one…not sure what I was thinking there.

However I liked how they turned out and was happy to send them out and share them with friends and family.


V has been taking gaming breaks and been building again…I love that he is building once again…however I am not a fan of the sound of sifting thought bins of Legos looking for that right piece.

I will never tell him that though…build, build away!


Kitty naps as always…

The farmers market had the new “Cosmic Crisp” apples for sample and I ended up getting a few.

After having some with homemade caramel I came to the conclusion that I am just a “Granny Smith” kinda gal and will not be buying any more of the Cosmic ones.


I DO like the idea of their super long shelf life, the fact that they are crisp, and their name.

At the same time their price is crazy in comparison to other varieties, they taste like a Honeycrisp…I know people love that flavor…but I enjoy the twang of the Granny Smith since most of the time I am having it with a cheese or something sweet.

And lastly everyone is happy with their holiday goodies…

And that my friends is what has been going on in our world.


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