New year…New Decade!

It is hard to believe that I have now been a part of 6 decades (is that even right/possible???)

Anyhow whatever the case we have now entered the 20s.

I don’t do resolutions, however I do like to set goals…

Last year I only really had one goal…to be out of Utah before March…that was accomplished in February. So 2019 was a good year on goals!

Here are some goals for 2020…

Carve out time for projects!

I have a million ideas and things I want and need to work on, however I always feel that there is stuff that I should be doing first (dishes, floors, wash, snuggle with the kitties…you get the picture)

By the time all that stuff gets done I have no mojo for any projects. I need to just set time aside, be it a day a week or short times a few times a week. I have yet to figure that out since I am not one for schedules but some sort of rhythm needs to be found.

Daily reflection!

This next one sounds cheesy, but I cant really say “meditation” or “yoga” because I just kinda do my own thing…but time to focus, breath, stretch & move with purpose.

I was really good about this for a few months…till I got a sinus infection and kept me from it for a week or so and just like that it fell to the wayside…again I HAVE to carve out the time.

Spend less!

I say this knowing that was seriously spend nothing compared to most people. However I feel that we can always spend less and save more.

We aren’t really consumers…yes if we need something we will buy it, but buying just for something to do or an impulse is no longer part of our life.

That being said food is a big part of our spending.

I have cut out Costco completely…for what we bought there, when you do the math I can get it for the same price of not cheaper elsewhere without the headache that is Costco itself, the membership fees, and all their excessive waste.

Same goes for Target….I haven’t bought anything there for quite a while aside from the occasional roll of paper towels or shampoo. I know most people just go rabid for Target, but I just don’t get it. Just another place off my list on errand day.

I wish I could say I could find a way to cut costs for the market, but I think I have gotten that as low as I can without eating any “Frankenfood” AKA keeping it chemical free, non-processed and organic.

Wander more!

I mean who doesn’t want to get out and explore more?

We have been pretty good with getting out at least once a week but I would like head out further or maybe some extended trips this year…we will see.

And there you have what are my goals for the new year ahead…may 2020 be a great one!




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