Tumwater 2020

This past weekend we had some running around to do, but we still wanted to get out and about.

Thats where great little spots like Tumwater Falls comes in.

It is close, paved (well kinda sorta…after a good rain, everything is pretty loose and muddy) and it is a short but nice little loop.

Last time we went it was not nearly as full and “roaring” with water so it was almost like a whole new place for us.


As with any falls, you really don’t feel the power of the water unless your there…you can feel the force of the water vibrating the wooden bridge if you stand still.

They had finished up some trail repairs since our last visit so being able to do a full loop was nice.

Not to mention we got to see some of the falls from new vantage points.

The pooling water looked really cool so I took a shot…I just love patterns in nature.


Only a couple mushrooms here and there…but lots of lovely moss on everything.


By the time we had finished up the sky started to open so perfect timing for us to head back…we really need some waterproof pants.


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