Out on the Newt Trail

After not being out for a while it felt got to get back on the trail.

After the snow and rains that we had got I wanted to test out my new wellies. To do this we picked a trail I was familiar with, just incase they weren’t feeling good.

I am proud to announce they worked great!

I love the confidence they bring me of dredging though anything…and playing in the puddles is fun too!

We met some new friends by the shore. They weren’t in a hurry to move on, however they only wanted me SO close to them…I had to respect that and took what I could get for a shot (have you ever been chased down by a beak???its not fun….so I respect the fowl)


I am usually all about the green hues, but the golds and browns were so pretty…..golden ferns and the changing mosses….


But there was still tons of bright green lush moss to be found…Moss between cobbles…yes please!


There were a few mushrooms…not many, but more than we expected.

This photo reminds me of the “Sound of Music”……I just love seeing tiny droplets…..I really wish it would photograph better, but oh well.


It was just really nice to get back out in nature and feel balanced once again.


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