Wonderful Weekend

I have to say this turned out to be a pretty great weekend.

Nothing exciting happened, however it was quite enjoyable all the same.

We hit up the thrift (there was nothing) and had a nice family lunch followed by time roaming around downtown.

While downtown we checked out a new bookshop, and saw a silver shop I had never seen before.

As well as a pinball museum that will be opening next month! I was seriously so excited I might had squealed out loud. I love pinball!

Then the record shop…..I really forgot how much I love just digging though records. We actually found quite a few good ones to bring home with us that night.

The following day was clear blue skies and dry cement so we headed out early so D could get some skating in…you have to take it while you can get it…especially in the winter.

It was chilly…but the sun and no wind made it quite nice…and as a result I got a red face…but it was all worth it!

After lunch and some downtime D & myself headed out to the shore for some sunset photos…well photos for D and well I just wanted to play at the shore.


There were amazing clouds in the sky, that we were hoping to light up. However by sunset they had all just dissipated to a haze.

We still had a wonderful time though.

There was a huge flock of ducks, as well as a heron (or crane IDK) taking advantage of the super low tides…duck feet!


And with the tide being out so far you could see the Olympics from the cove…you generally can’t so that was great and quite a surprise when I “looked up”


As always a Sunday evening at Tolmie.

And on a side note…always check your boot treads before you get in the car…I came down today to both of the cats “stalking” something…I assumed it was a large spider…nope it was a crab that obviously hitched a ride home with us. He was still alive and was relocated outdoors. I am really glad that I found him before he went under the couch to expire and cause a stink.

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