Pacific Coast

The other day we headed out to the Pacific…

This time we wanted to check out the northern part of the bay (usually we do the south side)

I also finally got at photo of the bridge…..usually I am never fast enough.


For the most part it was a bunch of RV resorts and summer camping locations.

There wasn’t too much as far as towns or open places for the off season…unless you count Seabrook. And that was just too weird to stop in. I mean it was cute, but just so faux. I felt like I was on Mainstreet at Disneyland, or in Westworld or something.

The fact that you could drive out on the beaches was fun. However they were just sand, no shells to speak of and no rocks (thats what we enjoy)

But we still got a few shots in…

It was still nice getting in the ocean all the same.

Overall we had an enjoyable day, but learned that these shores just aren’t our thing…I am pretty sure most spots we love people don’t like either…variety is the space of life, right?



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