It had been a while since we had ventured out to Burfoot Park…to the point where I couldn’t even picture it in my head until D reminded me…getting old I guess.

Anyhow we  headed on out….the weather called for sun and to our surprise as soon as we got in the car it started to pour.

A trip back to the house for our raincoats (we really should just bring them all the time anyhow) and we were on our way again.

Guess what? It was sunny over by the park!

We had a nice walk down to the beach…trails sure go SOOOOOO much faster when there are no mushrooms to slow you down.

We are still lollygaggy on the trails, (I love seeing the light shine through the trees) but quicker than mushroom season.

That being said the beach was wonderful…..the sun was out with a nice breeze…perfect!


I checked out the rocks and shells while D tried out his new tripod find…and then just like that the beach was full.

Ok so it wasn’t “full” but there were ALOT of people, luckily we were pretty much done by this time and headed back through the woods to the car.

It was a nice little trip after so long…I think I had just mentally been staying away from the shore for the winter since I have to wear shoes and the water is too chilly for any amount of time…and if I am at the shore I HAVE to get in the water…


But since I have got my wellies I can have the shore at winter….sure my feet aren’t literally in the water, but I do get to be IN the water…so thats good for me till temps rise a bit.

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