Port Orchard

Monday was sunny and dry (the cement anyhow) and since D had the day off we headed out to Port Orchard so he could skate.

Then pretty much as soon as we grossed Tacoma Narrows the fog was socked in…It had cleared some by the time we got to the park…but still looked cool.


It is a great park both for skating and exploring.

There are actual walking paths along the woods where most people go with their pets and what, however I like to go in the middle of the woods, take the paths less traveled and sometime forge my own way.


I now bring nuts along too…treats for my furry and feathered friends.

I like to be alone in the woods (even if it is in a park) When I am in the middle there is a sweet spot that makes you feel as if you are in an amphitheater…all the birds binging you a symphony.

I like to move with purpose and try to make little to no sound if possible.

By doing this I really get to be close to the animals before they notice that I am there.

In the past I wanted to take a photo of every animal, and while I still love to get a shot now and then, I just like to watch them in motion.

But I do still love catching the light…

That day I got to see many happy squirrels going about their business. One of which had his mouth filled with grasses romping along a log…he reminded me of the pika that we saw while in the Wasatch…SO CUTE!

There were actually a lot of mushrooms..sot as many as in Autumn, but still quite a bit for winter.

These ones were so large…they were about the size of my head…crazy!


Now in the dead of winter most of the underbrush had broke down (and I think they go thru and break down the brambles etc) But the next time we head on over I am sure it will be a whole new world.

You can already see the blackberries starting to grow again and reclaim…cant wait for that…..breakfast of wild berries while I explore…YES PLEASE!

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