Twin Peaks Day 2020

30 years ago I fell in love…With Twin Peaks, Kyle Mc Laughlin, Washington, David Lynch, the PNW in general…You get the idea.

Fast forward and yes we celebrate Twin Peaks Day. We have traditions we do every year and since we now call Washington home we can make even more of the day.

The day starts off with coffee and donuts…


Then we hit the road and headed up to one of my most favorite places…Snoqualmie Falls.

It is so beautiful, powerful, and for a Twin Peaks fan ICONIC!


It was a nice overcast day, but the sun did peek out now and then.

I had made a short list of different filming locations for us to visit…the first of which was the “sheriffs station”

I was super surprised and excited that they had the sheriff truck there on display…..I mean TP and a Bronco (dream ride right there…let me tell you)


You could recognize the building, but the fact that it is a driving school and painted grey and orange didn’t compel me to take any photos.

Next was onto Ronette’s bridge…They have made it into a walking bridge now (safety railings etc) but it was still cool to see and be on.

We also drove by the High School…now I know that they were doing so remodeling, but little did I know they tore down the old school and build a prison like monster school in its place…that was sad, but time marches on.

By this time we were al ready for some lunch so we stopped into Twede’s (AKA the Double R)


This place is always fun…and they do give you a lot of food. But there was still room for cherry pie and coffee!

On the way out of town we wanted to check out and see if the vantage point from the opening credits still had the welcome sign.

I had read that it was there, wasn’t there, destroyed, getting repaired, etc.

Anyhow we found the point, there was no sign, and the view is blocked with way too many power poles now days to make a decent shot.

If you want to get a photo of the mountain, downtown is the best place FYI.

On that note we headed back home, made a video game stop and home to relax.

Till dinner time, where we headed on over to Wicked Pies (they have Twin Peaks themed pizza)

The plan was to get a full TP pie, but we were still full from lunch and since they did have the “Diane” in the slice section we went that route.


(I also got a slice of “the Cuban”)

On the way home we decided to have one last donut trip for the day.


Lets just say we are probably all good on donuts for another few months.

Overall another year and another great Twin Peaks Day!

It is kinda crazy to think that we have more “traditions” surrounding Twin Peaks Day than we do standard holidays, but thats what works with our little clan so were sticking with it.

Until next year…

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