Tolmie Cut Short

The other day we wanted to get out and explore some and the plan was Priest Point…until we got there and we saw all the debris on the trail and the wind howling so we decided it would be best to stick to an open area.

You know being bonked on the head by a branch just does not sound like fun for us…good call too because there were people hit by trees on trails that day.

That being said we headed over to our standby…Tolmie.

It was a great day….just some drizzle and only another person on the beach.

It was low tide so I headed out…it was solid.


Visited with some gull friends and take some photos of exposed logs that are generally under water, or you only ever get the view from the trail side.

This guy is huge…..and so sea worn.


I took this shot and then after having some suction in the mud decided to head back in before the tide turned and started on its way back in.


Well lets say I was too late…if the ground looks like this it is NOT safe….


I am guessing between the air holes the critters had made and the incoming tide it just started collapsing…needless to say in hindsight I should have just took the trail back, but instead I just tried to keep going.

Remind you just 20 min earlier it was solid….

D was on the edge of where it was safe, he couldn’t do anything. He tossed me a stick so I had SOME leverage.

My boot was just pulling further in with suction. I was trying to keep as dry as possible, but as soon as the water was over my boot (to my knees) I just had to call it and pull my self out of them.

I tossed them to D and was able with the help of the stick get myself to safety, and home.

I felt bad that our trip got cut short because of my stupidity, but it was a learning lesson….



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