Late Equinox Natural Dyes

I actually thought I was ahead of the game and I wanted to try some natural dyes for Equinox eggs.

I did get them all done, but there was no sunlight to get “photos”, you know ones out in the yard…in the moss, maybe some baby chicks. You get the idea.

So the sun didn’t want to come out AND…..well I got hungry and wanted to eat the eggs before they went bad…

Then as we all know by now unforeseen things happened, everyone is locked down, out of work, stressed and wondering how ends will be met.

I just didn’t feel a great urgency to blog so I didn’t…until now.

This was something I have always been curious about but we just didn’t eat enough hard boiled eggs to begin with, then V has never been an “egg hunter”…anyhow long story short, I have been eating HB eggs as of late and wanted to do something special for Spring.

I used parsley, turmeric, beet, red onion, yellow onion, & red cabbage.

Unfortunately the chicken who lays the white eggs wasn’t having much production so I only had 3 white. I used dark brown, light brown and blue as well.

I kept them in the jars (2 per) for 2 days.

Overall I really liked the results.

I did learn that the non white eggs seemed to have some sort of extra film on them so you had to be super gentle as not to scrape the color off…just get your hands dirty….. after they completely dried (don’t wipe them…learn from my mistake and make little egg rings for them to dry) the color wont scrape off and it is set.

Inside light – Wet
Sunshine – Wet
Sunshine – Dry

You can see the scratch marks that were left on the darker eggs.

I really enjoyed doing this and will do it again next year…maybe get a nice scene like I had wanted?

At the moment I have swatches of fabric soaking so I will get back with that outcome in a bit.

Until then I hope everyone is welcoming Spring and enjoying the season as much as they safely can.


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