Stay at Home Club

It seems everyone is in the same boat at the current time…

Strangely with all that is going on, our daily life hasn’t changed much since we are a family of introverts.

What has changed is uncertainty…D’s industry has been closed till further notice, so that department is a bit stressing, and overall the daily changes, updates etc that keep coming out…

It was quite the bummer that this weekend was PERFECT skating weather…but with no skating happening…and weekend lunch out…I can’t wait to have a good lunch out again.

That being said for the most part daily life has been the same (so far…luckily)

The kitties are loving more time out during the day now that D has free time (it is impossible to have just one person incharge of wrangling 2 kitties…wanting to go two different directions)

So yea we have been taking our neighborhood walks and sunning with the kitties…just staying safe and waiting for life to resume again.

Scout has also been having deep conversations with Mr Gnome…


I just keep trying to look at the bright side of things…hopefully people will realize how important it is to stay home from school, work, etc when they are sick. Cover coughs, sneezes, having good hygiene in general. So we can keep stuff like this, no matter how big or small from happening again.

And with the shortages…hopefully people will learn that it is better to use reusable items…not only for their pocketbooks, but for the environment.

And cooking at home…I hope some people took the time to cook and be creative with meals.

A girl can hope right???


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